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Full Fuel Canister

Carry FULL Canisters

Efficiently preserve pack space and weight.

Save Fuel & Money

Capture unused fuel stuck in partial canisters.

Recycle The Empties

Finally clear out that box of partially full fuel canisters.

FlipFuel Side View

Meet FlipFuel

Brought to you by backpackers to solve a simple problem. What do I do with this box of partial fuel containers I won't take on a trip?

Now you can easily consolidate the fuel & recycle the empties. Done.

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Connected backpacking fuel transfer device

Backpacking Fuel Transfer

Connect partial fuel canister to "out" side

Partial Canister (Out)

Thread your partial canister to FlipFuel on the "out" side of the device.
Connect receiving fuel canister to "in" side

Receiving Canister (In)

Connect your receiving canister to FlipFuel on the "in" side of the device.

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