Meet FlipFuel™

Brought to you by backpackers to solve a simple problem. What do I do with this box of partial fuel containers I won't take on a trip?

Now you can easily consolidate the fuel & recycle the empties. Done.

Backpacking Fuel Transfer

Partial Canister (Out)

Thread your partial canister to FlipFuel on the "out" side of the device.

Receiving Canister (In)

Connect your receiving canister to FlipFuel on the "in" side of the device.

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Questions & Answers

What kind of fuel can I transfer with FlipFuel?

FlipFuel was designed to transfer fuel for backpacking canisters. These canisters are small, lightweight, and threaded the same. Only transfer like fuel from one canister to another. An attachment for the larger (usually green) fuel canisters is coming, so be sure to sign up for our email notifications and we’ll let you know when that’s ready.

Does this device work with all fuel canister brands?

The FlipFuel fuel transfer device supports isobutane fuel canisters.

Won't this device just equalize the pressure in both canisters?

Good question! And the answer is: No, there are a few quick steps that will make your fuel flow from one canister to the other. Check out this 45-second video for full fuel transfer instructions.

Do you offer a replacement if it isn't functioning?

Of course, FlipFuel is a simple device and we don’t foresee any being faulty, but on the off chance one is bad, we’ve got you covered.

Is it possible to overfill a canister?

Yes. And it might make the canister perform differently when in use. 

We have not had any reports of overfilling or anyone having issues with overfilling. Our team also uses the device regularly on our backpacking trips, and it's not something we've experienced either.

That said, it is possible. So, it's always best to weigh your fuel cans before and after fuel transfer.

We recommend using a digital scale. It's the most accurate method for weighing fuel canisters. There should be markings on the can that indicate how much the canister weighed when it was full.

The water float method is another way to "weigh" your fuel canisters. This may be an option if you are transferring fuel while out on trail, and there's no access to a digital scale. It's a slightly less accurate method, though.

How do I qualify for free international shipping?

For the free international shipping option to appear during the checkout process, your cart must be more than $100 USD
If the free shipping option is not appearing on your screen during checkout, it's likely your cart did not meet the minimum in US Dollars.

If I have a question or concern, how can I reach you?

Send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.